Three Tips for Making Seafood Sujebi

Seafood Sujebi is the traditional Korean sujebi with seafood. Adding seafood to sujebi makes it even more delicious, just don’t skip these tips. First, properly clean the clams. Second, don’t over cook the clams or shrimp. Third, refrigerate the dough.

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About Seafood Sujebi

Sujebi is a Korean traditional food that is made with broth vegetables and flour dough. It has a simple, clean, and comforting taste that is served often as a side dish. Seafood Sujebi is not the traditional way to make this soup and it is a fusion of western culture mixed with Korean culture.

My husband came up with the idea to make Sujebi with seafood as he enjoys creole style cooking and he thought that the soup was somewhat similar to gumbo albeit some differences. But this is what makes good food great in our house is that we are constantly figuring out new ways to apply cross-culture techniques to foods.

Making this recipe is simple and straight forward. If you follow and apply the tips below you will be amazed on how simple ingredients transform to a meal for your whole family to enjoy.

Seafood Sujebi Tip # 1

Seafood Sujebi has clams in it and most people –Americans– don’t know how clams are to be properly cleaned. In Korean culture we make many foods with seafood, to include clams, and I was surprised my husband had very little experience with cooking shellfish. This simple step makes a huge difference between a finished clean taste and a gross gritty and sloppy taste.

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